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Governance in educational institutions refers to the processes, procedures, and structures that govern a school or university. This includes the policies and procedures that guide decision-making, as well as the management of resources. According to one definition, governance refers to the way an institution is directed and controlled.
We at Profmax help Institutions to set up proper processes and structures that can function smoothly to deliver quality and standard education to their students. Profmax has specialized expertise in handling all the administrative and academic duties of an educational institute so that they can focus on their primary objectives - to provide quality education to as many students as possible.

Board of directors

Board of Directors

There is an increased need for good governance in educational institutions as they face increasing scrutiny from various stakeholders. Boards of directors can play an important role in upholding the institution’s principles and maintaining its overall accountability. They can help ensure that the institution maintains its integrity by enforcing relevant policies and procedures, as well as providing strategic guidance.
We at Profmax provide end-to-end solutions to set up board and committee systems in educational institutions such as colleges/universities and schools. Our solutions are easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the educational institution.


International Advisory Board

There is an increasing trend in many countries for educational institutions to establish international advisory boards. These boards provide a forum for dialogue and communication with educational institutions in other countries, as well as offering expertise and advice in the development of academic programs and international partnerships.
We at Profmax Consulting understand the benefits of having an international advisory board – it can help with the development of an academic program, it can help to increase student recruitment, and it can help to increase the profile of the university or college internationally. For these reasons, we have developed a strategy to help our higher education clients establish their own international advisory boards.



Academic Board

It is increasingly important for educational institutions to have an Academic Board in order to manage and oversee their academic programs. Academic Boards play an important role in the governance of educational institutions by providing a forum for deliberation and decision-making on matters pertaining to the institution’s academic program. They usually consist of academics and other key stakeholders such as students, parents, and staff.
We at Profmax help to set up Academic Board in various Educational institutions across the nation of India. Our teams have an in-depth understanding of the workings of these boards. We can also provide training to the various board members on their roles and responsibilities within the board. We are the preferred choice for setting up academic boards and providing training to the Board members for various educational institutions across India.

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