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We believe in the strength of togetherness and teamwork. So partnership has always been one of our key strategies to achieve rapid mutual growth in revenues and business opportunities with the added advantage of strengthening client relationships.

We welcome you to join our partner community to further increase value to your business and increase profits. And to learn how our market-leading technologies and tools can help you to deliver efficient and high-quality solutions that address your customers’ educational needs.

Potential of Business

As per the Education Ministry of India, there are more than 1.44 Million “registered” schools in India. Now guess how many of them would have a fully automatic IT-enabled process for generating Results? The answer is not even one percent.

We have taken the example of Result generation just because it’s the most complex, time-consuming, and painful process for a teacher and till today this is done manually everywhere.

Even though Education being the most profitable segment, the IT infrastructure is still at Ground Zero due to the following main factors:

• Low paying capacity (or tendency) of Clients for IT solutions.
• Lack of motivation in IT vendors to develop a quality solution for low-paying Clients.
• Non-existent brand image/value of IT vendors in this segment.
• Low budget leads to poor support from IT vendors resulting in dissatisfaction in Clients.

Due to the factors mentioned above, a wide area of this Education Segment is still untouched from Information Technology, leading to a situation, where the market is full of opportunities for a right solution that can fit their budget.
At, We have tried to bridge this gap by providing an excellent quality Solution at a low price which is the basic need here in India and as well as in other developing countries.

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Unlike other partner programs, ours recognises and rewards you not just for sales success but also for your commitment to enhancing your capabilities and ability to successfully help our mutual customers become best-run businesses.

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