Features of our Education ERP


Our Modules

Our education management system includes several features that have been broken into various modules to serve education institutions and modernize the way academic organizations work. These modules help you so that your school, college, or university can run more smoothly and focus on providing better teaching to students. We offer various modules to overcome the challenges of daunting economic pressures and to support a growing number of students with fewer resources and staff.

The complete list and details of our Education ERP modules are as following:



Mobile Application


Library Management System

Additional Services

Our Special Services

All the modules are fully customizable to match exactly the requirements of your Institute.

Multi School Dashboard

The Multi-School Dashboard Module is best for managing a Group of Institutions. Using the Admin Dashboard you can get real-time updates from the entire group and can easily manage multiple institutions simultaneously.

Integrated Banking Gateway

Collect fees directly into your bank account which would be integrated with your banking gateway so that you could avoid heavy transaction charges levied by other external gateways.

Learning Management

It adds a new dimension to your pedagogy with a comprehensive system that helps teachers to optimise their academic planning, thereby enriching the teaching-learning experience.

State-of-the-art Security Services

Make your institute safe using our Enhanced Security Features such as Encryption and Password Management, Database Backups, Security Camera Service, GPS tracking system, etc.