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What is Education ERP

 Education ERP (Education Management System) that has been designed to cover the in-depth functionalities of all types of Educational Institutes such as Schools, Colleges, Universities & Group of Institutions.

It lets you manage all the information in a time-sensitive manner along with the rules and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is.

Why do you need Education ERP

A typical attendance Register maintained in schools, demands thousands of absence and leave related calculations which need to be done at the end of every month by hand-counting all the tiny entries from the pages of the register, this is 2-3 days of work for anyone to get it done correctly but normally teachers only get a few of hours to finish it. So, just imagine the pressure at that moment on the teacher and the probability of finishing the task accurately.

Result preparation may sound easy but in reality, it’s a nightmare for a teacher. There are too many rules and policies that are applied in the evaluation/grading process. It becomes very difficult for any teacher to remember all of them and do all the calculations like percentages, rankings, etc. correctly in one go. So the entire result becomes faulty and these errors normally get detected in the review process and to fix them means doing all the calculations all over again from the beginning. Preparation of Marks-sheet and Examination Registers by hand sound really crazy. Our survey shows that a teacher normally spends around 6-8 weeks every year in this process and the accuracy remains questionable till the very end.

In most of the schools in developing countries like India, a teacher (who is not very highly paid) has to do the Fee Collection Work manually. When the strength of students becomes high with most of the students making partial payments, the chances of accounts mismatch become high too. In such cases, if there is a shortage in the collected amount, the teacher has to pay from his own pocket.

How many times in a year it happens when you needed some important information and you are told that the concerned person is absent or the person has left and now nobody knows where the information is? Removing person dependency from an organization is one of the key requirements, from the prospect of quality & growth and there is no easy way to achieve it without a proper ERP solution. If you’ll not change your person-dependent system, you perhaps may face major difficulties someday.

Have you felt the pain of a parent or student when he has to stand in line in long never-ending queues just to get a Transfer Certificate or to deposit Fees?

How can our ERP help?

The complete solution comprises of a mobile application and an integrated Content Management System (CMS) based Web portal that helps you in managing critical activities such as:

Benefits of ERP Systems

There are many reasons that prompt people to start an ERP project. Some of the main benefits of an ERP system are:

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